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Elevate your application with efficient integrations, support — and now even devices to complete your platform.

Clover Connect’s payment engine supports your software’s ever-growing vision with powerful and easy integrations backed by dedicated, always-on support teams. And now, your software can run on select Clover devices, turning your solution into a full-featured platform.


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We understand the pressures and complexities of Physical Therapy practice.

Our role is to simplify your busyness and empower your team to leverage technology for more efficient collections and a smoother payment experience for your patients.

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Lowest in the Industry Pricing

1.70% + $0.20 per item

Swiped Debit, HSA FSA Consumer Credit Card

0.25% Premium for Amex cards.

$0 fixed Monthly Fee

$20 Monthly minimum

2.70% + $0.20 per item

Cards not present, including online billpay, payment plans, etc
Swiped Rewards, Corporate and Foreign Credit Cards.

0.25% Premium for Amex cards.

$0 Annual or PCI Fee

Cancel Anytime

Transparent Pricing

Driving Revenue With A Seamless Payment Experience

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Your payment engine is built into your EMR!

Clover Connect is your back-end payments solution. But that’s just the start. Now, you can run your software on select Clover devices — giving you a new, robust platform to accept payments.

Securely Store payment profiles, “Cards on File”

Online Bill Pay – Add the convenience of a payment button to any website.

PCI and HiPPA Compliant – Patented P2PE – Point to Point Encryption and Tokenization

Impenetrable Security

Protect your patients’ payment card and personal information from a data breach with Clover Connect’s patented tokenization technology.

Tokenization for payment cards
and patient data.
PCI and HIPAA Compliant.

CardSecure is an easy-to-integrate security solution that tokenizes all types of sensitive information at the point of entry. All tokens are randomly generated, making them impossible to decrypt.

Omni-Channel Security

Integrate CardSecure into devices and applications that capture and transmit sensitive data. All sensitive data is tokenized at the point of entry and kept secure in Clover Connect’s vault.

Client Feedback

“We’re looking forward to offering best in class payment technology and security to Prompt EMR users. We’re also excited to partner with Clover Connect and their Physical Therapy focus, to offer a more streamlined and collaborative approach to payments.”



“My Clover Connect’s Physical Therapy payment solution is a perfect fit for our clients. Security, compliance, ease of use and competitive rates were key factors that solidified the partnership. We’re looking forward to leveraging their solution to offer better online experiences for each of our clients.”



“My Physical Therapy practice converted from Square to test the Go Clover Connect platform and was very impressed with the personalized attention, ease of use and the ability to store customer profiles. We can store a “Card on File” to easily set-up payment plans or streamline check-in for all of our cash based patients. The improved efficiency is unmatched by anything Square had to offer.”



“Tom is so easy to refer our clients to. E-rehab specializes in physical therapy web design , credit card processing is not our expertise and Tom takes good care of my clients.

Also, on https://gocardconnect.com/e-rehab/ ”



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